Winstons War: Churchill, 1940-1945

Winston’s War: Churchill 1940-1945
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In fact, Hastings excels with all his character portraits, which brilliantly illuminate the key relationships, especially with Roosevelt and Stalin. Hastings is truly a master of strategy and high command.

He does not ignore his many faults but ultimately, quite rightly, it is his greatness that triumphs in this splendidly told tale. They enabled him to exercise an influence, particularly in and , out of all proportion to the military and economic weight of his country.

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He also foreshadowed was to the naked eye, was the sudden sacking of Churchill by the electorate in Ernest Brown. The consensus of historians is that the Nazis were defeated years before A warts and all picture of Churchill, a truly great war leader and statesman, who was Minister of Defence as well as Prime Minister. Both men were Northern Irish, as were also Montgomery and Alexander.

Even his misjudgments were pressed with a force of personality and rhetorical skill which forced his allies and his chiefs of staff to think beyond the routine, and to work harder to justify their views. Like Churchill, he spent his early life seeking adventure—as a war correspondent in Biafra and Vietnam he saw more shooting than most soldiers in the post-war British army until now.

Military History Book Review: Winston’s War

Like Churchill, he has great confidence in his own judgment…. Hastings…writes with the calm and authority that come from long experience and wide reading. Doubtless this remarkable book will irritate those who like their history sealed and dusted, or worse, cite Churchill for mere political advantage.

At a time when our politicians are mismanaging a foreign war, it has many invaluable lessons, not just about leadership, but about the relationship between soldiers and civil society, which range far beyond the period Hastings nominally addresses. I visited them often and found them enthusiastic and full of confidence. Even in we might have foreseen at least some of this nightmare for ourselves and quailed at the grotesque imbalance of forces, but fortunately Winston Churchill had captured our imaginations.

That growling, indomitable voice on the radio had told us that this was our finest hour. In the absence of adequate numbers, armament, experience, or training, his words were our best, perhaps our only, defense.


A vivid and incisive portrait of Winston Churchill during wartime from acclaimed historian Max Hastings, Winston's War captures the full range of Churchill's. For much of Winston Churchill’s life before , the defects had seemed to many people a good deal more evident than the qualities. As Max Hastings relates with admirable objectivity in “Winston’s War,” however noble Churchill’s will and sublime his language, his record.

Luckily we did not, in the end, have to put it to the test of resisting a German invasion. Although it was impossible at that time to imagine how we might win the war, it was inconceivable to us that we should lose it.

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Max Hastings. Beginning in , when popular demand elevated Churchill to the role of prime minister, and concluding with the end of the war, Hastings shows us Churchill at his most intrepid and essential, when, by sheer force of will, he kept Britain from collapsing in the face of what looked like certain defeat.

Later, we see his significance ebb as the United States enters the war and the Soviets turn the tide on the Eastern Front.